Personal Growth The Power of Your Mindset Embracing the Laws of Attraction Don’t underestimate the power of your mindset. Embrace the laws of attraction and you will astonish yourself. For a long time I wondered how everyone else in the world world around me appeared to be so successful. At first, I’d wonder how they surround themselves with people who drive them […]
Local Things To Do In Crownsville Annual Renaissance Fair is Back! The annual renaissance fair is back! New to Crownsville? New to Maryland? Born and raised here? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter! You and your family should check out the annual renaissance fair at the Anne Arundel County Fair grounds. How long does it run for? The event consists of 9 weekends of local fun! They go […]
Financial Literacy What Are Mortgage Rates Doing? In this post I’m going to do a quick analysis of what the current market is doing, what we are starting to see as professionals, and what we thing mortgage rates are doing. I will analyze the historic trends and give some insight as to where we feel they are going now, going to stay […]
Financial Literacy Everything You Need To Know About VA Loans Everything you need to know about VA Loans Most agents refuse to deal with VA Loans. While they certainly have draw backs – it really is not that different from a conventional loan. This post will highlight the most important aspects. Let’s dive in! Prohibited Fees/Expenses VA borrowers are prohibited from paying expenses such as: […]
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